How To Make Instant Ice Cold Coffee

I was looking around on the net this morning and came across this easy way of making instant ice cold coffee recipe. I like this because it is so easy and simple for everyone to make. It is not my video but I am sharing it with you.


Anonymous said...

I love coffee but I've been thinking about quitting. It's been giving me bad heart burn and I depend on coffee to much :)

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Sarah Dee said...

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Happy Friday! :)

Roy Durham said...

bronzilla look good. i make my iced coffee simply just mix up a pot of coffee and what sweetener you like add milk or creamer let cool in fridge and when you are ready just pour over ice and enjoy. some times i will add instant flavored coffee like Cafe Vienna to brewed coffee and chill is good thank you and god bless

Lisa Holt, ASID said...

Mmmm! Iced coffee is perfect! Love the blog. Check mine out at

Goa said...

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