Home Coffee Makers – Better Than Sliced Bread

It's Monday morning and the alarm is screaming at you that it's time to drag yourself out of bed and get the day started. Your eyes open begrudgingly and you toss the blanket aside. A deep sigh escapes your lungs as your bare feet land on the ice cold floor beside your bed. You stand and stretch, warming up those muscles that are still sleeping. Another day, another dollar, you think to yourself and make your way out to the kitchen.

Only one thing can get this day jumpstarted for you. You need a steaming hot cup of Joe, freshly brewed to your exacting standards. Stainless steel coffee makers just might be the best idea any one on the planet has ever had, and boy do you wish it had been yours. Ah well, at least you get to benefit from the idea, you think as you scoop your favorite coffee grounds into the filter.

The coffee percolates while you listen. The sound is so soothing in the otherwise unbelievably quiet morning. Peeks of warm, yellow sunshine through the window catch your eye, making you smile. The fragrant aroma of a perfectly brewed pot of coffee wafts over you. It is time.

You grab your favorite mug from the cupboard and pour some nectar of the gods into it, filling it as full as you dare, before taking a sip. That stainless steel coffee maker is the best investment you ever made. If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only have one personal possession to accompany you, your coffee maker wins that contest hands down.

Sipping that delicious cup of coffee gives you the inspiration and motivation you need to finish that morning routine of getting ready for another day in the rat race. You polish off the remainder of your cup and set it in the sink, because now it's time to get showered and dressed and face the morning commute.

Well, you have a few minutes still before you really have to get moving, so you pour another cup of coffee to enjoy. Really, truly, the person who thought up the idea for a coffee maker for the home was a genius! You wish you could shake the hand of that brilliant soul who made it possible for you to get up every morning and have your own pot of brewed coffee in your kitchen while still wearing your pajamas. Well, you had better start getting ready for work or you will be late. Once you are dressed and about to grab your keys and head out, you remember to grab your travel mug and fill it up. You are going to want one for the road.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/coffee-articles/home-coffee-makers-better-than-sliced-bread-4839777.html
Author: aaliyah


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