Internet Doomsday July 9 2012


Hello my friend. I'm posting this message to help you to protect your home based business.

This is not info on coffee but a very important matter to us US home business owners.

Tomorrow is July 9, 2012! It's concederd to be the Internet DoomsDay!

Why is because a lot of people are not aware that their computer has been infected by malware.
In other words "Cyber Theives" put a virus on your computer!
You need to go to this US government site and check your computer to see if it has malware infection on it. By checking your computer now will let you be able to fix it and not loose any of your business tomorrow.
I checked my computer and it is fine. Hopefully yours is too.
This is just a precaution that I think you should do to keep you ahead on everything.
Hope you see this in time to check your computer.
This is the direct link:
There is another link on the site to help you to remove the malware if your computer is infected.
Now, to learn more of why this is happening you can check out Tech

We'll get back to talking about coffee soon.
In the mean time, have a cup and share this with your freinds and family.
Don't foreget if you haven't checked out your computer to do so before midnight.


Syed Zeeshan Ali said...

This post seem very yummy!!! I love chocolate!
Technology, Free Software and Best Tutorial
your blog is good! I'll visit again :)
God Bless You

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